The 7th Annual National Summit for Health Communication

Recordings from the 7th Annual National Summit for Health Communication are now available.


Welcome and overview



Keynote: Trends in Health Communication: How They Impact Our Every Day
From virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT to new social platforms, channels and algorithms, to the proliferation of telehealth, how we communicate is constantly evolving. As health communicators, we must adapt and learn to be effective. This session will address the latest trends influencing our work and what they mean to our growing field.



Communicating the Value of Public Health: The Role of Storytelling and Framing
Throughout the pandemic, public health professionals have been frequently marginalized, villainized, or worse. It’s time to change the narrative. This panel will explore the role of framing, messaging, and storytelling in health communication and how we can use it to advance health equity, uplift underrepresented voices, and shift the public health narrative.



Level Up Learning: The Good, Bad, and Ugly: Effective use of visual design and jargon-free language in communication




Panel Discussion: Misinformation: Where, Why, How, and What’s Next
As the COVID-19 pandemic made abundantly clear, misinformation can have serious public health consequences. Identifying evidence-based, effective strategies to combat misinformation is an urgent priority for health communicators. This panel will explore why people believe misinformation, who is most susceptible, where it circulates, and what we can do about it.




Panel Discussion: What Our Kids Can Teach Us About the Future of Health Communication
Today’s teens are the next generation of consumers of health information, and they communicate with each other very differently than with adults. The way they access information, who they believe, and what channels they use all influences our work. This panel will discuss why understanding today’s teens and knowing how to communicate with them is critical to ensuring the future success of many health communication campaigns.   





Climate Change and Public Health: The Role of Health Communication (virtual presenter)
This session will address how health professionals can serve as trusted voices to address the climate crisis. Effective messaging and best practices will be discussed to equip communicators to take on the important role of addressing the intersection of health and climate change.

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